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Hemp Cook Books

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Hemp is a wind pollinated food source that can grow 4 crops a year. Enjoy hemp, a delicious, organic, non-genetically-modified food.

Enjoy this collection of hemp cookbooks.

Hemp foods are delicious, nutritious and now legal in America.

Hemp Foods





Cooking with Cannabis:
The Most Effective Methods
of Preparing Food and Drink with Marijuana, Hashish, and Hash Oil Third Edition

by Adam Gottlieb (Author)



Marijuana Cooking:
Good Medicine Made Easy

by Bliss Cameron (Author), Veronica Green

Book Description

Increasing awareness of the therapeutic properties of marijuana � to ease muscle tension, relieve pain, promote appetite, and induce overall relaxation � has generated widespread interest in its use as a medicine. Without question, the best and safest medicinal application of marijuana is through ingestion. In Marijuana Cooking: Good Medicine Made Easy, authors Bliss Cameron and Veronica Green guide would-be chefs through the process of making their own tasty and healthy home remedies using marijuana as the main ingredient. Five different methods of preparing pot for use in the kitchen are provided with step-by-step instructions, as well as advice on personalizing dosage and substituting ingredients to account for different tastes and medical conditions. The recipes include Bliss Balls, Butterscotch Blondies, Honey Chocolate Brownies, Honey Whole Wheat Banana Bread, and Honey Pumpkin Bread. Lush, high-quality photographs of actual marijuana dishes grace nearly every page, making the book a delight for the eyes as well as the body.



Marijuana Herbal Cookbook:
Recipes for Recreation and Health

by Tom Flowers (Author)


Amazon Reader's review:
5.0 out of 5 stars * * * * * Baking gets you Blazed! * * * * *, July 23, 2004
The Marijuana Herbal Cookbook is a completely cool cookbook. Author Tom Flowers explains the reasons to cook, and how eating is different from smoking. He also advises on dosage and the treatment of an overdose, something I'm sure is handy to know. If you lack the knowledge of how to prep pot before you cook with it, this book will be of help to you. My all-time favorite thing about this book however is the plethora of recipes for every type of food (There is also a section on using marijuana medically with many more recipes to follow.), including desert. The stony hemp carrot cake sure does sound good about now.




The Cannabis Cookbook:
Over 35 Recipes for
Meals, Munchies, and More

by Tim Pilcher (Author)

Book Description

This innovative cookbook brings a remarkable design to the joy of cooking and baking with cannabis. Featuring stimulating recipes and lush color photography, it approaches cannabis as yet another fine ingredient to be studied and savored, like a great wine, premium cigar, gourmet chocolate, or single malt scotch.

The Cannabis Cookbook divulges all you need to know to culinary enjoy the herb that's used by over 25 million Americans. It includes the history of cannabis in cooking, biochemical properties and effects, the best "vineyards," and over 35 step-by-step recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, baked goods, and other essentials. The recipes and treats presented in this book are so delicious that nothing will get wasted. Well, almost nothing.

Includes bonus section on hemp skincare products.

About the Author

Tim Pilcher is the author of Spliffs 2: Further Adventures in Cannabis Culture and Spliffs 3: The Last Word on Cannabis Culture. He lives in Brighton, UK.



The Feel Good Cookbook:
For Medical Marijuana Patients

by Robert M. Appleton Jr. (Author), Sue M. Watson (Author)

Book Description

This cook book is filled with delicious recipes that will delight your taste buds and stir up the "chef" within you. Also, for a grin, we've included some crazy facts, and several illogical pot laws, past and present. In addition, we added a few interesting illustrations describing the abundant uses of hemp. You may be surprised to learn the truths about medical marijuana, including the short and long term effects on our minds and bodies. These recipes are the healthy choice for patients in pain. ARRESTING THE PAIN, NOT THE PATIENT




The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook

by Denis Cicero (Author), Kris Czartoryski (Author),
Suzanne Gruber (Author), Michael Lipp (Author),
Dennis Cicero (Author)

Book Description
Hemp has been used for decades for clothing, rope, and plastics, but it also has serious food value. As hemp becomes more accessible, and public awareness of its health benefits grows, demand for the inexpensive plant in its variety of culinary forms�as flour, oil, and seeds�is expected to increase. At the forefront of this trend is Denis Cicero, owner of one of New York's trendiest restaurants. Hemp, which tastes like a cross between a hazelnut and a walnut, is incorporated into every recipe in this cookbook. Hemp waffles, a fusilli salad made with hemp seed oil, and even a scrumptious chocolate banana dessert, all based on the restaurant's menu, are only a few of the innovative, nutritious, and socially responsible recipes featured. Also included is a list of sources where readers can buy hemp products for cooking.

The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook is a unique cookbook concerning the culinary uses of hemp - well known for its applications in clothing, rope, and plastics but little known for its seeds' taste (like a cross between hazelnut and a walnut) and the cooking uses of its flour and oils. Superbly written and presented by Denis Cicero (owner of one of New York's most up-and-coming restaurants) with the assistance of professional chefs Kris Czartoryski, Suzanne Gruber, and Michael Lipp, The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook features easy-to-follow recipes, enhanced with luscious full-color photographs, a simple glossary, and a true appreciation of the wonderful delicacies that can be enhanced with the flavor of hemp. Dishes offered include Fruit Hemp Salad, Hemp Cheese Sticks, Hempnut-Crusted Catfish Filets, Lemon Hemparoons, and a great many more.  �Midwest Book Review



The Hemp Cookbook:
From Seed to Shining Seed

by Todd Dalotto (Author)

Book Description

The first cookbook devoted to the use of super-nutritious hemp seed.

Contains more than 50 low-fat, high-fiber, vegetarian recipes for both hempsters and mainstream cooks.

Nature's best source of protein and EFAs--better even than soy.

Born from the flower of the cannabis plant is a seed bursting with vital energy that nourishes, heals, rebuilds, and refuels our bodies. Now this hallowed plant gets to shine in the world's first cookbook devoted exclusively to the delicious and nutritious dishes you can make using hemp seed. Packed with easily digestible proteins that contain the correct proportions of all eight essential amino acids necessary for good health, hemp seed surpasses even soy as the best vegetable protein available. High in dietary fiber but low in saturated fat, this miraculous and ancient food is also the planet's best source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), which a wealth of scientific research has shown help to prevent degenerative diseases, clean the arteries, improve brain function, and boost our immune systems.

In The Hemp Cookbook, Todd Dalotto serves up a tantalizing smorgasbord of recipes that combine the unique nutritional advantages of hemp seed with other vitamin- and mineral-rich foods, creating one of the healthiest and most original cookbooks ever offered. From hearty breakfasts of Hemp Pancakes to gourmet dinners of Vegan Cannabis Stuffed Shells and holiday toasts with rich and creamy Hemp Nog, Dalotto has produced a book that will be welcomed by hempsters and mainstream cooks alike. With chapters providing complete nutritional information on hemp seed, a culinary history of cannabis around the world, a listing of sources for hemp foods, and instructions for creating your own hemp oils, flours, milks, and butters, The Hemp Cookbook is the first and last word on cannabis cuisine.

About the Author

Todd Dalotto is the founder and owner of Hungry Bear Hemp Foods, which currently offers consulting services to the growing hemp food industry in the United States. He worked as a macrobiotic chef until his interest in environmental activism led him to start Hungry Bear Hemp Foods. He lives and cooks in the mountains of western Oregon.



The Hemp Nut Cookbook:
Ancient Food for a New Millennium

by Richard Rose (Author), Brigitte Mars (Author),
 Christina Pirello (Author)

Book Description

Hempseed is the amazing 5,000-year-old super food from China. The "original nutraceutical," it's high in essential fatty acids (EFAs), complete protein, and much more. It has a long history of use in the treatment of degenerative diseases, and hempseed oil, the single richest source of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs. This is the most comprehensive look at this amazing ancient food, its history, nutritional benefits, and uses. Over 200 recipes showcase the versatility of hempseed in everything from beverages and sauces to main dishes and desserts.

About the Author

Richard Rose is founder of HempNut, Inc., a food company specializing in researching, developing, and marketing hempseed foods, and of Rella Good Cheese Company, a food product development and marketing firm that makes cheese alternatives. His mission in life is to help the deleterious health and planetary effects of the animal-based diet. Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant from Boulder, Colorado, who has been working with natural medicine for more than thirty years. The author of Sex, Love and Health, Addiction Free Naturally, and Rawsome!., she'll soon have a new book out on natural beauty care.




The Marijuana Chef Cookbook (Paperback)

by S. T. Oner (Author)

Book Description

High rollers looking for something more adventurous than The Joy of Cooking will find it in The Marijuana Chef Cookbook. This guide to cannabis cuisine takes satisfying the munchies to a new level. In addition to such scrumptious and imaginative recipes as Primo Poultry, Nutter Butter, Midnight Pizza, Primeval Pasta, and Chocca Mocha, the book covers potency issues, health information, legal tips, and a culinary history of the weed.



The Hemp Cookbook

by Ralf Hiener (Author), Bettina Mack (Author), Matthias Schillo (Author), Stefan Wirner (Author), Ansgar Pudenz (Photographer)

The Marijuana Food Handbook:
A Guide for the Sensuous Connoisseur

by Bill Drake (Author)

Book Description

The Marijuana Food Handbook goes far beyond brownies to offer an impressive range of options for cooking with cannabis. It teaches how to calculate potency-per-portion and how to prepare cooking-quality extracts from different grades of marijuana. Readers are shown step-by-step how to use these aromatic, potent extracts in preparing just about any kind of food, from snacks and sweets to entrees and sauces, producing alternative ways to enjoy the healing benefits of marijuana. Illustrations and tables are included.


The Hemp Seed Cook Book

by Carol Miller (Author), Don Wirtshafter (Author),
Peppermint Springs Studio (Illustrator)

Book Description

The Ohio Hempery has produced this book in an effort to normalize the world's attitude toward Cannabis prohibition. We feel we can reverse today's hysteria by placing hemp products in everyone's home.



Brownie Mary's marijuana cookbook,
Dennis Peron's recipe for social change
(Unknown Binding)

by Mary Rathbun (Author)


Hemp Foods and Oils for Health (Paperback)
Gero Leson (Author), Petra Pless (Author), John W. Roulac (Author)

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